Proposition 218 Notice

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Monterey One Water is your local sewer treatment provider. Every time you wash your dishes or clothes, flush your toilets, use your sinks, bathtubs, and showers, the used water is sent to the Monterey One Water Regional Treatment Plant to be cleaned and safely reintroduced into the environment. 

We clean wastewater for . . . 
• More than 250,000 residents and almost 7,000 businesses—that’s about 17 million gallons each day

We rely on . . . 
• 30 miles of underground pipes, 29 pump stations, and critical wastewater treatment infrastructure and technologies

  1. FAQs
  2. Proposed Rates
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  4. Public Hearing

Why are you receiving this notice? As a public entity, transparency is an essential value of Monterey One Water (M1W). As the owner of record or responsible party for a property in our service area, you are receiving this notice to learn more about a needed rate increase and an upcoming public hearing at which the proposed changes featured here will be considered by the M1W Board of Directors.

Why is M1W proposing to increase monthly rates? Current and anticipated economic impacts from the COVID-19 crisis, specifically to revenue,  have created vulnerabilities to the operation of our essential public service. The proposed increase would support fundamental business and capital costs to ensure uninterrupted service for the protection of human and environmental health and safety. 

Before looking to increase rates, M1W staff exercised significant measures to decrease major expenditures this fiscal year, including: 1) Reductions to operational expenses; 2) Deferment of lower-risk capital and maintenance projects; 3) Managerial salaries adjustments; 4) Delays to cost of living adjustments; 5) Initiation of a hiring freeze; and 6) Partial furloughs for all employees.

What do my fees fund? Your fees fund the treatment of your wastewater. They do not fund any expenses associated with our water projects—the Castroville Seawater Intrusion Project and the Pure Water Monterey Groundwater Replenishment Project. Costs associated with our water projects are funded through the sale of recycled and advanced purified water.

How are monthly rates set? Rates are calculated to fairly allocate applicable costs between residential, commercial, and special users based on impacts to our system. To determine the proposed rates, staff updated the Wastewater Rate and Comprehensive Fee Study (PDF) conducted for the Agency by Bartle Wells and Associates in 2017. The proposed new rates are scheduled to go into effect in September 2020 and are designed to establish financial stability this fiscal year.