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Monterey One Water (M1W) is dedicated to providing reliable, efficient wastewater services. To ensure this, financial stability and stewardship must be high priorities for the Agency.

Explore the links below for a detailed and transparent look at M1W's financial strategies and reports, including its award-winning Operating Budgets and Annual Finacial Reports. For a quick look at our budget, click here for our "Budget in Brief."

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Each year, the Agency's Board adopts an annual Operating and ten-year Capital Budget for its Fiscal Year (FY) from July 1st through June 30th. The Agency has won awards for its budget from the Governmental Finance Officers Association (GFOA) and California Society of Municipal Finance Officers (CSMFO).

The Capital Budget is designed to identify capital expenditures for the next ten years and to plan appropriately for how to complete those projects within projected revenues and staffing capacity.

Capital Budgets
FY 2018-2019

Capital in Brief
FY 2018-2019

Board Presentations
FY 2018-2019

Capital Budget

The Agency develops an annual Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR), for which it has won awards for excellence from GFOA. The Agency also prepares a Popular Annual Financial Report (PAFR) which is prepared in accordance with standards established by GFOA and is a summary of the CAFR. The CAFR is audited by certified public accountants. These reports contain an overview of M1W and a discussion and analysis of the Agency's financial performance during the previous FY.

Project opportunities with Monterey One Water can be found here.


A summary of M1W's long-term debt along with related disclosures and its debt policy are provided below:

Summary of Debt
Annual Disclosure Report — FY 2017-18
Debt Management Policy
Standard & Poors (S&P) Analysis

The Finance Section of the Agency's Website provides general financial information about the Agency and its long-term debt, notes or other obligations. The information is provided for quick reference only and is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy the Agency's bonds. It is not a summary or a compilation of all information relevant to any particular financial transactions, bonds, notes or other obligations. It does not purport to include every item that may be relevant, nor does it purport to present full and fair disclosure with respect to any financial transactions, bonds, notes or other obligations related to the Agency within the meaning of applicable securities laws and regulations. The information presented on this site speaks only as of the date it was posted or, if such information is dated, as of its dated date. Staff does not undertake continuously to update materials posted on this site. Developments may occur after the dated date or posted date of such information on this website may be removed at any time.

The Agency establishes financial policies to provide a framework to prudently manage resources, ensure internal controls, and provide accountability to the public.

FY 2018-2019

This Report updates the Board and the public on M1W financial matters.

Annual State Controller Reports
FY 2017-18: Final

Listed below are the Agency's Investment Reports and its investment policy.


Click on the links below for more information on the Agency's Compensation and CalPERS Pension Plans:

Pension Liability Summary
CalPERS Valuation Reports*
CalPERS YTD Performance and Investment Allocation#
Compensation and Salary Schedules for M1W
Pension Terms

* Note: When searching for the Agency, be sure to use our previous name MRWPCA (Monterey Regional Water Pollution Control Agency)

# This report is included as part of the "Monthly Update - Performance and Risk" report on the Investment Committee's monthly agenda.

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