Annual Budgets

Annual operating and ten-year capital budgets are adopted for each fiscal year – July 1st through June 30th. These budgets have won awards from the Governmental Finance Officers Association and the California Society of Municipal Finance Officers.



Current Year (PDF)All Years


Current Year (PDF)All Years


Current Year (PDF)All Years

Budget Break-Down

The total budget, including Pure Water Monterey, is $63 million, and consist of:

  • 10% - Water Reclamation for Agriculture
  • 16% - Capital Projects (Excluding Pure Water Monterey)
  • 28% - Pure Water Monterey
  • 46% - Wastewater Treatment


The $63 million in revenue includes:

  • Contributions from Other Agencies
  • Grants
  • Sale of Water
  • Service Charges
  • State Loans


The $63 million in expenses includes:

  • 10% - Debt Service
  • 20% - Staffing
  • 32% - Capital Program
  • 38% - Other Operational Costs


The Agency is projected to have $5 million of available reserves at the end of the fiscal year. The Agency conducts a fee study every three years to address its reserve levels and deferred maintenance and ensure its financial stability and stewardship.