Annual Budgets

Budget book cover featuring native ice plantAnnual operating and ten-year capital budgets are adopted each fiscal year (July 1 through June 30). These budgets have won awards from the following associations:

The Agency conducts fee studies to address its reserve levels, capital reinvestment, and to ensure its long-term financial stability.



Current Year (PDF)All Years


Current Year (PDF)All Years


Current Year (PDF)All Years

Operating Budget By Category – All Funds

Fiscal Year 2023-2024 

(In Millions)
% of Budget
Salaries and Benefits$23.725%
Other Operational Costs34.036%
Capital Costs27.730%
Debt Service7.08%
Additions to Capital Reserves1.21%
Total Budget$93.6100%

These amounts exclude rollovers of unused funds from prior fiscal years

Monterey One Water's budget is allocated 63% to Wastewater Operations/Renewable Energy, 9% to Non-Potable Reuse (Water Recycled for Agriculture) and 28% to Potable Reuse (Pure Water Water/Groundwater Replenishment).