Liquid Waste Haulers

Monterey One Water (M1W) has a designated Liquid Waste Receiving Facility for the discharge of hauled or trucked liquid wastes. To prevent potential impacts on the M1W treatment process, discharges at our Liquid Waste Receiving Facility are accepted only under strict requirements (pH, toxicity, etc.) so that collected liquid wastes can be slowly filtered into the influent waste stream. Only permitted haulers will be allowed onsite to discharge.

How to Become a Permitted Hauler

To become a permitted liquid waste hauler, please complete and return the M1W Liquid Waste Hauler Permit Application packet and supplemental documentation. The instructions and application form can be found on our Become a Permitted Hauler page.

Discharge Restrictions

To manage the discharge requirements, M1W only accepts liquid waste from permitted haulers. All potential liquid wastes are subject to review and approval by Monterey One Water’s Source Control and Operations Departments. Accepted sources include:

  • Biocell (oily waste)
  • Certain special wastes
    • Storm drain pump-outs
    • Corn starch dye
    • Wine waste
    • Vegetable waste: artichoke and grape pulp
  • Chemical toilets
  • Hauled saline waste solutions
  • Restaurant grease
  • Septage

Questions on discharge requirements? Email Source Control