Residential Rates

Treatment Fee

Monthly Residential Rates Effective July 1, 2023

Residential Rate$44.00 per unit
Residential Rate - Vacant$26.55 per unit

Collection/Conveyance Fee

In our area, sewer service is a joint responsibility. Monterey One Water is responsible for the treatment of your wastewater while the city in which your resident resides is responsible for collecting and transporting your wastewater to us. This shared responsibility is reflected on your bill. City Sewer System Charges for sewer collection and conveyance are passed on to your city. Refer to the following documents for details:

Please Note: Marina Coast Water District bills its customers directly for wastewater conveyance. No City Sewer System Charge will appear on the Monterey One Water bill for residents in the Marina Coast Water District service area.

Setting Rates

View our Setting Rates page to learn how rates are determined.