Wastewater Conveyance

Collection and Conveyance

Responsibility: City/District where the property resides

Every time you wash your dishes or clothes, flush your toilets, use your sinks, bathtubs, and showers, the used water goes down the drain, through the property’s lateral line, and into the sewer system. Your local city or district is then responsible for collecting this water and conveying it through an underground pipeline for treatment.  

Regional Collaboration

To support the conveyance of wastewater to the Regional Treatment Plant, Monterey One Water assists our member entities by maintaining the system’s 29 pump stations: 11 Agency-owned stations and 18 stations owned by member entities. Each pump station is equipped with remote sensors and control capabilities to increase reliability and reduce emergency response time and costs.

To report an issue with the regional collection system in your neighborhood, contact your local city or district.