Community Outreach

We take pride in the work we do at Monterey One Water and enjoy sharing the Agency with the community. To learn more about our wastewater treatment processes, water recycling efforts, and ways you can protect our sewer system, explore the learning opportunities below. 

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Please Note: All opportunities are pending availability and resources

Scene from outreach informational video showing the Regional Treatment Plant Take an introductory look at Monterey One Water by viewing this 2-minute video. See our facilities. See the communities we support. And see what makes Monterey One Water so much more.
Slide of from Outreach Presentation showing the Regional Treatment Plant

From AP Environmental Science classes to Rotary Clubs to industry conferences, our team will create a presentation tailored to your group’s interests. Presentations can be hosted at a Monterey One Water facility or, if feasible, we can come to you!


Members of the public touring the treatment facilities

Our Regional Treatment Plant is located just north of the city of Marina. Take an up-close look at the cleaning processes and technology utilized in wastewater treatment and water recycling.
NOTICE: Public and school tours are temporarily suspended due to COVID-19.
Community Events

Outreach staff at community event

Hosting a community event? We can take our show on the road. With water quality samples, treatment technology models, and more, our team will share with attendees what makes Monterey One Water unique.