Purified Water Quality

Pure Water Monterey’s product water meets or exceeds all state and federal standards for drinking water. The purified water undergoes constant, rigorous testing before being released back into the environment through groundwater replenishment. With health and human safety as our top priority, the following safeguards and protocols are in place to ensure the integrity of our treatment processes and the quality of our product water.

  1. Sampling and Monitoring
  2. State-of-the-Art Lab
  3. Regulatory Oversight
  4. Water Quality Reports

Sample screen of online water quality data systemThe permits required to operate Pure Water Monterey include continuous water quality sampling and monitoring provisions. This testing is conducted by certified laboratory and operational personnel and is outlined in Monitoring and Reporting Program (PDF) issued by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Coast Region. 

Water quality is monitored throughout the treatment processes, before product water is injected into the aquifer, and at various locations in the Seaside Groundwater Basin. Three types of sampling and monitoring occur:

  • Real time, Automated Sampling 
    Online readings provide continuous data on water quality using sensors. Our operators monitor this data 24 hours a day, 356 days a year. That’s more than 20,000,000 digital data points each year for Pure Water Monterey alone.
  • Instantaneous, Grab Sampling
    Water quality is also verified by taking or grabbing real samples. Samples undergo thorough testing in our accredited lab and generate almost 16,000 data points each year.
  • Composite Sampling
    Composite samples are collected over time, either by continuous sampling or by mixing discrete samples. A composite sample represents the average water characteristics during the compositing period.

If the water does not meet water quality requirements, the plant would be shut down immediately.