Monterey One Water is the sewer treatment provider in northern Monterey County and is here to protect public health and the environment. Every time you wash your dishes or clothes, flush your toilets, use your sinks, bathtubs, and showers, the used water is sent to the Monterey One Water Regional Treatment Plant where it is cleaned and safely reintroduced into the environment.

We clean wastewater for . . .

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• More than 250,000 residents and almost 7,000 business residing in our service area (learn more on the Service Area page)
• This equals about 17 million gallons of wastewater being pumped to our facility each day

We rely on . . .

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• 30 miles of underground pipes
• 29 pump stations
• Extensive, multi-step treatment processes 

We safely reintroduce the water into the environment through . . .

Water drop icon• Regulated ocean discharge which meets or exceeds State and Ocean Plan requirements
• Additional tertiary treatment to produce non-potable recycled water for the irrigation of raw food crops like lettuce and strawberries
• Additional purification to produce potable recycled water for groundwater replenishment of a local drinking water basin