State-Certified Laboratory

Monterey One Water is here to protect public health and the environment. To verify the integrity of the treatment processes and final water quality, our onsite laboratory is staffed with an experienced team of specialists. The laboratory is certified by the California State Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELAP) in the following fields of testing:

  1. Microbiology of Drinking Water
  2. Inorganic Chemistry of Drinking Water
  3. Microbiological Methods for Non-Potable Water and Sewage Sludge
  4. Inorganic Constituents in Non-Potable Water
  5. Microbiological Methods for Ambient Water

Strict standards require annual accreditation reviews including onsite inspections and proficiency testing studies. ELAP auditors also make unannounced visits to ensure all regulatory codes are being followed. For testing of trace organics, pesticides, and metals, Monterey One Water contracts with ELAP-certified laboratories whose fields of testing include these parameters. 

View Monterey One Water’s ELAP Accreditation (PDF)

Water Quality Reports

Our primary responsibility is to process wastewater so it is safe for reintroduction into the environment. This occurs through three types of discharge, each of which is closely monitored and regulated by state and federal agencies. Regulations help safeguard public health and the environment by setting strict operational and water quality standards. Monterey One Water staff prepare and submit monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual water quality reports to regulators at the California Water Boards. 

Ocean Discharge

Ocean Discharge Water Quality Page

Recycled Water

For the irrigation of food crops
Recycled Water Quality Page

Purified Water 

For groundwater replenishment of a critical drinking water basin
Purified Water Quality Page


Define discharge standards and required to operate our facilities
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