Proposed Billing Change

Monterey One Water is considering a change to its wastewater billing process to address customer feedback. If approved, bi-monthly billing will cease on July 1, 2024 and a fee for wastewater service will be included on a parcel’s annual Property Tax Bill. Please use the resources below to learn more about this proposal and provide customer input.


This change will not impact Monterey One Water commitment to transparency. Annually, customers will also receive a letter with the amount and breakdown of their sewer charges for the next fiscal year. This will occur after the Board approves the budget and rates for that fiscal year (July 1-June 30). If the Board wants to consider a rate change, the Agency must follow the state-required process, including written justification to each property owner and a process to vote on the change. The Board will also lead a budget workshop and a public hearing with opportunities for public comment before voting to set new rates.

For a summary of our 2023-2024 budget, view the Monterey One Water Budget in Brief (PDF). For a more detailed look at our financials, please visit our Financial Transparency Section.

  1. Why is this being considered?
Customer Experience

Limitation with existing billing vendor and financial software:

  • No paperless billing
  • No online account access
  • Vendor printing errors
  • Software service support ending

Rate Structure
Mandated Service:
  • Service cannot be turned off regardless of account status or payment
  • Same fee every month—flat rate by type of use
  • Common practice for required service

Fiscal Benefits
  • Net savings from vendor change ($317,000)
  • Improved site survey program and billing accuracy
  1. Proposed Timeline
Spring/Summer 2023Community Presentation and Feedback
Fall 2023Board Approval
Winter/Spring 2024Customer Notifications of Billing Change
July 1, 2024Bi-monthly Sewer Bills Stop
October 2024Annual Sewer Fee Appears on Tax Bill
  1. Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the proposed billing change through this series of Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Request Presentation

If your community or business organization is interesting in learning more, Monterey One Water team members are available to present on the proposed change to the Agency's billing process and answer questions. Please contact Mike McCullough, Director of External Affairs, to schedule.


Phone: 831-645-4618