Board of Directors

Appointment to the M1W Board of Directors

M1W is a Joint Powers Agency (JPA) formed in February 1979 with 12 entities joining the regional wastewater system. The M1W Board includes a representative from each of the following:

City of Del Rey Oaks, City of Monterey, City of Pacific Grove, City of Salinas, City of Sand City, City of Seaside, County of Monterey, Marina Coast Water District, Castroville Community Services District, Moss Landing County Sanitation District, Boronda County Sanitation District, and the US Army at Fort Ord (ex-official member).

Each entity notifies the Agency in writing of the appointment of their representative (and alternate, if desired) and of any change in representation. The representatives serve solely at the pleasure of the governing body of the appointing member entity.* No set term is designated by M1W.

Current membership on the M1W Board includes elected officials from nine entities and two members (non-elected) appointed by the Monterey County Board of Supervisors to represent the two County Sanitation Districts.

*Per Joint Powers Agreement, Section 3.01.

Information on Board Meetings, as well as agendas and minutes, are posted on the Public Meetings page.

Chair, M1W Board of Directors
Ron Stefani

Castroville Community Services District Director

Mr. Stefani joined the M1W Board in January 2008. He assumed office of Board Vice Chair in February 2017.  He previously served as Board Chair from 2011 to 2012 and as Vice Chair from 2009 to 2010.


Vice Chair, M1W Board of Directors
Mary Ann Carbone

City of Sand City Mayor

Ms. Carbone joined the M1W Board in May of 2017.


M1W Director
Linda Grier

Boronda County Sanitation District

Ms. Grier joined the M1W Board in February 2014.


M1W Director
John Gaglioti

City of Del Rey Oaks Council Member

Mr. Gaglioti joined the M1W Board in January 2019.


M1W Director
Tyller Williamson

City of Monterey Councilmember

Mr. Williamson joined the M1W Board in January 2019.


M1W Director
Nick Smith

City of Pacific Grove Councilmember

Mr. Smith joined the M1W Board in January 2019.


M1W Director
Gloria De La Rosa

City of Salinas Council Member

Ms. De La Rosa joined the M1W Board in January 2001. She served as Board Chair from March 2015 to February 2017 and as Vice Chair in 2004-2005, 2009-2010 and 2013-2015.


M1W Director
Jason Campbell

City of Seaside Councilmember

Mr. Campbell joined the M1W Board in January 2019.


M1W Director
Thomas P. Moore

Marina Coast Water District Director

Mr. Moore joined the M1W Board in January 2016.


M1W Director
John M. Phillips

Monterey County 2nd District Supervisor

Mr. Phillips joined the M1W Board in January 2015.


M1W Director

United States Army, ex-officio


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